Theatrix Singers

formerly known as

Klein Libertas Teaterkoor

We are not a normal choir

We have been called many things in the past. “Normal” is not one of them. We like acting a little crazy, while still being very, very professional.

Actually, the only thing that qualifies us as a “choir” is the fact that we are a group of people singing together.

Our ages span six decades, from mid-twenties to early eighties.

We are all about having fun, providing great entertainment and experiencing the joy of singing great songs, together.


Who are the Theatrix Singers?

  • We do NOT stand in rigid lines with toga’s and choir books. We move around, know our song lyrics by heart, and we smile.
  • We do NOT have a conductor, only a choir leader.
  • We are NOT an opera, but can sound like one if we want to.
  • We are NOT a musical, but  we can act like one if we want to.
  • We are NOT a stage play, but we also tell a story.
  • We do shows, we do great songs and dress up according to the show story. All while having tons of fun!